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Creeplings Series Update

Creeplings Series Update

It’s been a bit since we had time to post anything but we are pleased to announce we have settled on each Creeplings name, colors, and even have our first packaging designs mocked up! Next we plan on doing molding test so we can make sure these look good once multiplied as well as get them to stand on their own. Our shapes of each Creepling is just as unusual and iconic as the characters themselves
we realized that just by seeing a siloutte of a creepling it’s getting easy to tell which character you may have of it’s pair
for example Star Wubbs is the only star shaped character with his tiny feet n neat sneakers on you can easily tell you got either Star Wubbs or Wubblet just by seeing his shadow!

Next for Creeplings is getting official samples made up where we are happy with paint and materials , then comes saftey testing everything!

feel free to ask us any questions about the Creeplings and how you can tell if you got a mega Rare Sparkle Clear one!

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