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Creeplings Series 1

Creeplings Series 1

Creeplings series 1 has just been sketched out over 36 characters by Gus which we then

Once sketches were completed Gus sent to co-founder Eric and we decided on which we can

take and narrow down 24 to be sculpted by Emi …
This is just the very beginning of turning a new idea into a new toy line.

Next the Logo was created, we wanted to make each and every detail of the Creeplings original, different and our own!
its a very colorful yet unusual logo that is friendly for kids and adults of all ages.

the characters made were from Gus dark yet cute n cuddly creations such as a blue yeti named “Yeti Ron” to a once bitten cookie named Chunk
each character has a twin in a different color with a different name.
there’s a cake with candles named Yimm and if you got it’s twin named “Old Cake” then you have their paired set!

We got a long way to go but are happy to have Creeplings past the most important stage of any new venture which is GETTING STARTED!!

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